How to save money by NOT using booking agencies eg AirBnB

The fact that you are here on the home website is GREAT! You get the best, and fullest idea of what the business is all about but….

Do you know how to SAVE money on your holiday – by NOT booking using Online Booking Agencies (OTA’s)?

For instance – AirBnB charge YOU – the customer, a whopping 12% over and above my modest fees. (They also charge me by the way too.)

If you want to:

  • Save yourself some money
  • Get a personalised service
  • Have all the same guarantees and safeguards
  • Manage your holiday directly with the owner – who only wants what is best for YOU
  • Be able to ask questions from the #localexpert and
  • Feel fully looked after and start to get excited about your holiday immediately

then please #BOOKDIRECT with the owner! savemoney.bookdirect.800x

Another small bugbear of mine, in addition, if you do contact via one of the big sites is that communicating via the booking sites “systems” can be frustrating – especially as they redact (cover up or delete) any phone numbers, email addresses etc when you are in the initial stages of asking questions etc.

So – if YOU want to ask me questions or to BOOK – here are the best ways to do so:

  1. Phone me! 07769 746113. I may not always be able to pick up immediately but leave a message and I will return it quickly.

  2. Email me –

  3. FaceBook message me from this page – which you can also follow!

  4. Get in touch via Twitter – I am not on here so often @chiselfcatering

  5. Contact me directly via the forms on the website

STAY AWAY from booking via the big sites once you have found the property you want. These include:

expedia, homeaway,, tripadviser, holidaylettings, airBnB, sykescottages, 

I hope this has given you a better understanding. By all means find the properties using the big booking engines online – they have multi-million budgets to reach you, BUT, then use your noose – and search for the property under its property name, or the business name or even the owners name and the local City / Area / County. e.g. Chichester Self Catering in Sidlesham.

It WILL come up on the search engines quite easily even if you have to page down a little! NB Most owners have their own websites.

Chichester Self Catering has two websites – .com and!

A tiny bit of work (1 minute) means you could save yourself tens or even hundreds of pounds and get a better service!

I hope this makes sense! BTW – I know this isn’t the most flattering photo of me… it wasn’t meant to be. I am here to serve you and create a great holiday experience for you, not to “look good”. I am honest, genuine and fair – freckles and all!

If you want to watch this in video form – see it on the YouTube channel!

I look forward to hearing from you directly very soon. 😉

Gayle Palmer

© Chichester Self Catering 2018

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