The Old Gardens at Highleigh

The Old Gardens Animal Sanctuary is just around the corner from Living Elements and Nature’s Elements and is an amazing testament to one lady’s determination to care for animals.The Old Gardens Animal Sanctuary

Irene and her partner Dave, against all the odds – (planning problems, vans being stolen and the death of a previous partner) have made a busy animal sanctuary a success.

The largest number of animals are chickens – battery hens which she houses, and hopefully re-homes where they will be happy and rehabilitated by growing feathers, get used to scratching at the real earth etc and produce lovely eggs! I like to think of them as happy eggs.

As you go in the gate (signposted by a huge wooden carved egg!) you will see to your left the pens for the two sheep and the pig. Plus the goats are at the far end, protected by a small yard which is guarded by a flock of geese (not too vicious) and more chickens in small pens.

The small charity shop is just on the left – this is a self supporting charity – so please pay for some grain to feed the birds and buy a book or two – or other bric-a-brac – to help support the cause.

Best of all though – BUY SOME EGGS! You can choose from chicken, duck and then depending on the season, goose and quail and turkey eggs! They are all delicious but NB – don’t buy duck eggs if you want to whip them – they don’t! Duck eggs DO make the best scrambled egg though – much creamier than chicken eggs.


There are large pens and cages past the Highleigh stream which goes down to the rife there are peacocks, turkey’s, quails and other smaller birds! There are also some aviaries of smaller birds too.

Irene likes to breed and keep more unusual chickens too – Bantams, Silkies and more. Some are stunning to look at!

There are also guinea pigs, rabbits and more!

All of the sanctuary is open to the Public for free – but please make a donation to help the work. Also, if you have any unwanted food it can be donated to feed the animals too – grain, bread, fruit, vegetables…all gratefully received and eaten!

NB Please be aware that due to the animals, the ground can be uneven, boggy in places and the surfaces are not clean. Keep children under control at all times.

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